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1948 American Standard bar sink

I have an old bar sink mfg on 10/7/1948, and would like to re-use it. The porcelain is not in bad shape - but the drain is very corroded. I can't get the drain off, and the metal appears to be larger, then it necks down to the "standard" bar sink drain.

The imprints on the sink are: Standard, Louisville, Made in USA (smile), P7201, 12 x 12 and then the date 10 7 48.

Any suggestions on how to get the drain off, and where to find a part to replace it?

I've tried to upload pics, but get the message the file is not a valid image file.

I live in Baltimore, so any local resources appreciated.

Re: 1948 American Standard bar sink

Hard to say w/o seeing it.

Regular drain can be sawed off, from the bottom, using a hacksaw or a recp saw (like sawzall). It will be easier to do if the sink is out, so release it at the trap to get the sink out.

Re: 1948 American Standard bar sink

Application of some heat may help soften the old plumbers putty which will have dried to cement hardness by now,

Re: 1948 American Standard bar sink

If it is a old bar sink chances are it's a 2" strainer. Just cut the old one out and replace it.



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