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1947 block home-total rehab

Our project is a waterfront in central NJ. The house is block with a crawl space and has approx. 1100 sq.ft. of living space. We have gutted down to the studs.We are putting a new high eff. natural gas furnace/AC.& tankless hot water system. Also installing all new windows. There is no insulation. Would like to have a second source of heat as I have been told that the new equippment can not be hand lit in the event of power outages. I am as old as the house and trying to learn as much as possible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: 1947 block home-total rehab

A smaller, 5000 - 6000 watt generator will solve the problem. Plus it will have several other benefits; In a blackout, you'll also lose the fridge, clothes washer, hot water, lights, interweb modem and the ignitor on your gas stove.

It will also be handy to have several 5 gallon plastic gas cans in reserve as acquiring gasoline during a blackout can be troublesome. Stock up on fuel before the storm. If there is no need for the fuel, empty the gas into your cars as stored gasoline goes bad over time.

A. Spruce
Re: 1947 block home-total rehab

I would agree, a medium sized generator will take care of heating issues. We've got natural gas heat as well, all I have to do is unplug the furnace from the wall and plug it into the generator and I've got heat. With NG, you only need 110v power to run the circulation fan and internal circuitry of the furnace. You can recharge refrigerators and freezers too, and run lighting. I wouldn't recommend trying to run electronics on a generator though, as 99% of generators put out "dirty" electricity (high spikes and fluctuations ) that will kill sensitive electronics.

When it comes to hot water or stove/cooktop, you'll have no worries if you've got NG water heater, but if it's electric, it will be a whole lot more troublesome to hook it up to a generator without a generator disconnect attached to the house.

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