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1940 Newspaper Stuck to My Cement Foundation!

Hi! This is my first time posting though I have been addicted to this site since my husband and I purchased a 1920 bungalow last month =)

Last night my hubby and I pulled up the carpet to get ready for a new install, however we ended up loving a cement floor (which we assume is the foundation?) and decided we'd like to keep it exposed... the neat part was the front page of a newspaper dated 1940 was found stuck to the floor in the living room...

My question is...

How can I preserve the newspaper as it is, where it is? As I said we'd like to keep the floor exposed, so it would need to be preserved in such a way that it could take some foot traffic.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Re: 1940 Newspaper Stuck to My Cement Foundation!

I doubt you'd ever be able to preserve the newspaper for long - or at all by coating or finishing it over the concrete slab. Why not take pictures and also have the paper mounted with acid-free matting and a UV protective glass in a suitable frame? Collage a few pictures of the "find" with your mounted newspaper and hang it in a prominent place in the room. It will make an interesting conversation piece and preserve the history of your home.


Jim with 1 Foot in the Grave

Re: 1940 Newspaper Stuck to My Cement Foundation!

The problem with preserving newspapers is that the wood fiber the paper is made of contains naturally occurring acid which eventually destroys the paper. The paper must be deacidified to preserve its current state.

I found this on a website: "The acid content in a lot of paper can cause paper materials to deteriorate over time, making them brittle. This includes photo storage materials, such as photo boxes, and scrapbooking papers, or even the photographs themselves. Lignin is a chemical substance found in wood that makes paper stronger, but it eventually breaks down, turning paper brown and releasing acids."

You might try doing some web searches on the subject of archiving & preserving paper documents.

Re: 1940 Newspaper Stuck to My Cement Foundation!

HA! I found a NY Daily News dated July 13th 1949 in my basement wall :)

Had some interesting article about Norman Schwarzkopf (the first) and his promotion to a post in Iraq, some thing about labor disputes, listings for "new" homes in Jersey and the Brooklyn Dodgers lost.

Re: 1940 Newspaper Stuck to My Cement Foundation!

What about using a clear coat the kind you would use to seal concrete or wood? That may preserve it. My friends have an old wooden trunk that they put pages of the old alice and wonderland book on and then used bar top clear coat and it preserved them. Just a thought. Good luck! :)

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