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1928ish Kohler Farm sink

So I just got off the phone with Kohler. Fantastic customer service by those gals! Gave them a model number and they gave me all sorts of cool stuff. We pulled an old farmhouse sink off the wall of our kitchen. Don't hate me, I wanted a new sink. Trying to wash dishes in a 4 inch deep sink is frustrating when you have little kids. So now I am trying to decide what to do with it? Keep it and use it somewhere else in the house, which will mean creating new plumbing down the road. Or selling it? My big question is, how do I find out how much it is worth? I live in rural Wyoming, not a whole lot of salvage dealers close by, so I am limited to email or phone. Any suggestions?

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

ebay is a wonderful tool for both seeing what people are willing to pay for something and also moving unwanted things

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

I agree that EBay would be a great place to start.

Also, that sounds like a great sink to use in a planting area of a basement or garage. Oh...or even better...in a gardening shed!!

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

I have been doing some looking on Ebay, the archivist at kohler also suggested it. She also sent me the catalog page of the sink, it was called the "Puritan". Do Kohler sinks go for more, less, or about the same as other sinks of that time and style? I have seen everything from $300 to $2000 for a sink in similar condition, but the manufacturer is never listed. I am thinking of keeping it for when we update the laundry room though.

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

Google "architectural salvage" and check out some of the dealers, like Island Girl Salvage, Salavage One and Architectural Artifacts to see what they have, then email them a photo to see if they are interested and how much they would pay. Or, do the ebay thing, but personally, I'd rather have it in my laundry room! Good Luck -Kat at Character Builders

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

The value will depend on the condition of the porcelin glaze and staining and whatnot. Shipping will eat up alot of what most will be willing to pay. Really though you shouldn't beat yourself up about it, just junk it. Aside from the potting shed idea its a boat anchor.

Re: 1928ish Kohler Farm sink

in TOH sept. 08 edition they have an article on how they turned an old farm sink into an outdoor bar. if you entertain outside it's a really neat idea. also, craigslist is another site to post your sink at. your able to deal more locally.

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