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1926 California Bungalow

The house needs many repairs. I do not know where to start.
The constructions is not leveled, it needs to be bolted to the foundation. The walls have a lot of cracks.
Windows need to be replaced, walls need to be insulated etc etc etc. can someone tell what to do first?
Thank you!

Re: 1926 California Bungalow

The normal course of events follows a clear pattern designed to do things in an order so you don't have to un-do past work;

1- Make a plan on ALL the things you plan on doing some day, even if that day is years and years away. The plan may change, but don't sweat it. At least you have some sort of guideline.
2- Get the shell of the house fixed; Start with the roof. You don't wants leaks ruining everything below. Then move to the foundation. Got to get that right before you can use a level anywhere in the rest of the house. Then comes the doors, windows and siding.
3- Interior framing
4- HVAC Make any changes / corrections / additions before
5- the rough plumbing goes in starting with the drain lines, swap out the old pipes for PEX or copper, including pipes stubbed out for future use.
6- rough electric
7- insulation
8- interior finishes such as drywall & flooring
9- wood work / trim
10- finish / trim electric & plumbing.

You'll find it far easier to do whole systems at a time instead of working room by room, however- that is far messier and turns your house into one huge construction project. Do you have a spare house to live in while this one is being modernized?

Re: 1926 California Bungalow

The order should be:
structure report; rehab planning (and design if layout is to change); structural remediation, then address and roof/water intrusion issues that could cause deterioration of the finishes/structure; then the rehab can begin in the normal order: framing; windows and exterior doors; HVAC; plumbing DWV rough-in; water supply rough-in; electrical rough-in; insulation; wall finish; floors; cabinets, millwork, paint, fixtures, carpet. For an old house you also have to work in any specialized trades that will address particular issues of conservation of significant features and things that require special handling like antique fixtures that will be repaired or rehabbed and refinishing of woodwork, lead mitigation, asbestos mitigation, custom floor finishing, etc.. These tasks have to be integrated into the job in a timely way.

Re: 1926 California Bungalow

Thankk you for the time and the information.

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