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1920s bungalow light fixtures

I feel like this question belongs here rather than, say, electrical. My question concerns design sense and 1920s aesthetics.

We have a 1920s craftsman bungalow with some faint art deco hints around the fireplace and built-ins, but generally it's your standard wood-trimmed bungalow.

When selecting overhead light fixtures, we don't *love* the rustic bungalow stuff with the prairie themes and cottagey styles (we're a little more urban at heart). We have found some fixtures that seem to be a mix of art deco and craftsman. But we've also been thinking about looking at the "streamline" / Industrial mood of the art deco styles.

Some of these chandeliers, to me, look like a good compromise--they are still rustic, but cooloer looking to me. And they have similar window pane designs from the Mission/Craftsman style.


I would get it in a bronze or brown, not the ultra-modern silver/nickel. The only concern is whether this would make the bungalow look too much like a loft. we love the light and we love to keep our home historically appropriate, we just want to kind of 'push the envelope' without looking absurd.

what do you think? is it possible to have an industrial-style chandelier that is also appropriate for a bungalow?

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

First, I had never heard of this company, and I love their stuff so thanks for introducing me to a new one.

Second, I happen to really like that fixture you picked out and think it has craftsman possibilities if you're purposefully going for a little more urban feel. However, it's real hard to bless off on without seeing a shot of the room you intend to install it in.

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

KC -- i know, right? I love Barnlight Electric.

That's exactly what I'm going for--elements of urban and craftsman. I don't necessarliy want to contradict the craftsman movement by having something so "industrial" but then, I don't fully understand the craftsman origins either--seems they had a lot of barebones designs that are considered "modern" these days.

this is the room now:


but we are fully prepared to change the furniture if need be

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

Well, here's my thoughts, for what they're worth. I'm not an interior decorator or anything!

I think I could like the fixture if it had four lights, but since it has two, I struggle with it in a more square room. I can see it in a breakfast section of a long narrow kitchen but not so sure here. If they don't offer a 4 light fixture that would be more square, do they do custom orders?

Just my opinion.

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

KC, yes I agree. I actually linked you to the base model, but the one I'm looking at is more like this:


in the brown or bronze finish

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

Personally I like the light, but I think it's to industrial to fit in a Craftsman style setting.

Re: 1920s bungalow light fixtures

I do like that one better, in the darker finish you mentioned. Agreed, it's definitely not period or the epitome of the craftsman style, but I think you can make it work if you're carfeul with other choices on tables, chairs, etc. Might not want an overly mission look with the rest of the room or the light will stick out poorly. Good luck!

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