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Iowa Joe
1920 window sashes and wavy glass

Is there a market to seel the window sashes and wavy glass from our 1920 home?

Re: 1920 window sashes and wavy glass


There is an episode of TOH or one of the other shows that dealt with upgrading old windows to very good levels of thermal performance.

In my area there are companies that just upgrade your existing windows. Could be the same for you. They typically would fall into two catagories:

1) Upgrade the window with new seals on the main sashes and on the storm to greatly reduce air infiltration. Seal all moldings and make sure the sash locks are working well.

2) There are also firms that can take your existing single paned sashes and upgrade them to thermopanes.

None of this is cheap, but good fixes, not quick ones, are what I try to shoot for. You need to look at the cost of these fixes against your aesthetic expectations and the cost/performance of new replacement windows.

Good luck,

Re: 1920 window sashes and wavy glass

You can reglaze the windows yourself, or I have hired a stained glass company to do it. As for the interlock weatherstrip, the same company found me the ONE guy in the area who still does the weatherstripping. You may be able to dig someone up the same way. Jane Powell's book "Bungalow Details: Interior" gives instructions on how to re-glaze, and I think that Old House Journal may have a similar article. Lowe's sells the glazing putty.

The old glass is expensive to replace (and impossible to mimic in a new window), and the old sashes are as weather tight as new ones if used with a storm window.

Re: 1920 window sashes and wavy glass

Did you want to sell or seal your windows?

If you want to sell the glass contact stained glass companies that do restoration work for old churches and historic homes.

I am buying some old wavy glass for a kitchen I'm designing for a home built in 1890. The only way to go is with old glass as reproduction glass doesn't look good.

Re: 1920 window sashes and wavy glass

I am replacing my 100+ yr old windows and I heard I should sell the old wavy glass is this true? if so to who?:confused:

Re: 1920 window sashes and wavy glass

Very difficult to sell your old wavy glass. By the time you remove it from the sash, clean it up and take it to a glass merchant and sell it to him for peanuts you have lost money. The other problem with old glass is that it usually has a lot of wear and tear, minor abrasions, scratches, aluminum screen "stain" etc. which makes it almost valueless.

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