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1917 hardwood floors needing repair

We have a 1917 four-square. Some of the hardwood flooring has holes so needs to be replaced. (The previous owner drilled holes through the floors to run wires from the basement!!!!!and bolted we don't know what to the floors in the middle of the room???taking chunks of flooring out when they removed whatever it was..)The boards seem to be smaller in width than hardwood flooring now available from places like Lowes. If pressed I think we could take flooring from the back of the closets and switch it for the "bad" flooring in the living room but I would rather buy a box of flooring. Is it just me or is this a real problem? I know lumber size has changed. Has hardwood flooring changed too?

Re: 1917 hardwood floors needing repair

When I pulled up carpet and other stuff in my living room, the previous owners had used the living room for a beauty salon and so there were a few large holes in the tongue and groove floor from drain pipes. I measured the different sizes that I needed to replace and went to the lumber yard and bought the exact size pieces of planks I needed. I then put a grove on one side and took out just a bottom portion on the other side. Angle the plank into the tongue on one side and then the other side will lay flat on the extruding tongue on the other side. It worked pretty well.

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