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1890's Queen Anne -- Front Porch -- Weaving Floorboards In..

Hello All,

Mid-1890's Queen Anne cottage in Alameda, CA owner here.

I could use advice on a floorboard pattern for our 8' x 4' front porch. Porch is south-facing so takes the brunt of the (extremely mild) weather in the S.F. Bay Area. But I need to replace about 12" of most of the boards. I'm attaching a couple of photos for reference.

I'm planning on lacing in replacement boards instead of ripping up entire porch, as the boards run under the casings, walls, moldings, etc.

I need to create a 'pattern' using 3 sizes, 12" from the lip, 12" from the wall and right in the middle, with as few 'H' joints as possible... I've put some thought into it and have some ideas but would like to hear from others, if possible...

Hope this makes sense.

Any suggestions welcome...


Edit: Hmm -- can't insert pics? Uploaded house pic and simple porch drawings but seem to be attachments...

Image icon Download porch1.png (53.67 KB), Image icon Download house1.jpeg (263.65 KB)
Re: 1890's Queen Anne -- Front Porch -- Weaving Floorboards In..


I would suggest replacing the entire length. The boards are not far under the molding. You will thank yourself many times over in the long run. Using two different ages of wood will always move differently. So the joints will be separating, and they will always show.

I replaced our entire wrap around porch floor on our Victorian house. We used mahogany and Ipe. Thehy were all linear from the wall to the edge of the porch. The original pine was under the molding about 3/4". Glad we did it that way. It helps greatly to have all the tools needed for the unexpected. We used a table saw, planer, jointer, router table, drum sander, etc... We purchased mahogany that was solid stock. We cut the tongue and groves ourselves, and then planed them to the correct height.

We used to live in Oceanside Ca, and owned a bakery located in Carlsbad Ca. We do miss certain things about Ca. Mostly the fresh food.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: 1890's Queen Anne -- Front Porch -- Weaving Floorboards In..

Thanks, HandyAndy,

Alas in this case the floorboards extend all the way under the wall, main threshold, column-posts, etc. It would be a royal pain to remove the entire porch. My neighbor with the twin house (these homes were built in twos...) ended up butting his boards up to the walls and casings, cutting around the posts, and used little quarter-rounds to hide the seam but I'm going to go the threading route. With some scarf-ish cuts it should look fine -- plus it gets coated in a heavy oil primer, sealed with a silicone caulk I like, and good couple of coats of paint.

Anywho, I've got a pattern that makes it look random enough but still agrees with my OCD-ness about symmetry...

I'll post it up as a follow-up to get feedback.

Thanks, again.

Re: 1890's Queen Anne -- Front Porch -- Weaving Floorboards In..

I'll keep this thread alive in case anybody has a similar project. I ended up ripping all the floorboards up -- thank goodness none of the walls, casings, etc. were toenailed onto the boards -- they came out easy as pie. I added a few joists and I'll lay the new boards down this week.

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