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1830 Clonial Heating Help

My wife and I are closing on an 1830 Clonial similar to "Bedford in SN33". 

Clatboard exterior, no insulation, and lath and plaster interior.


I already know not to insualte because we do not have a vapor barier, and it will create a moisture pocket and cause damage to paint and rot the studs. It is not in our budget to remove the clatboards and install one.

We have very ugly baseboard hydronic heaters.  The boiler is shot and the existing chimney has leaks.  Instead of installing a new sleeve and new oil tank we decided to go with a gas boiler.  Then the can of worms opened when i was asked "why dont you put in a heat pump?"


There is currently no duct system.  I can easily run flex vent through attic and basement to all 1st and 2nd floor rooms. The we can get rid of baseboards.

The attic is insulated and we are planing on sealing gaps all over the house.


My question is.  Is a heat pump an efficent heat source for our 1830 un insulated home.

2 story, 3400sq feet, zone 5 NJ.

Re: 1830 Clonial Heating Help

I would concentrate on insulating the attic. Seal around all the doors and windows. Very little heat loss will be thru the walls. Lathe and plaster is more than enough. Very little resistance value is added in wall insulation. Make sure that all of your foundation vents are closed or covered for the winter. Open them in the spring thru fall. Insulate the under floor in the basement. That will go a long way. We had everything sprayed with foam after I completed all the plumbing and electrical in the house. I never wanted to have to cut into the insulation to run new copper pipe or MC cable.

It is really personal preference as to what you want to heat with. As long as you have ready access to the fuel. I like natural gas forced air. We have full sized ducts on all three floors in our Victorian house. I told the HVAC company to be sure to use hard ducts and insulate them. They were not allowed to cut any walls ceilings to access to ducts. That took a little longer, but with my help, we did it. We have a forced air natural gas furnace for each floor and an AC compressor for each floor.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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