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john f
18 volt vs 12 volt drill

DeWalt is selling their 18 volt drill at a local store for $100. I already own their 12 volt version and am satisfied with it. I'm wondering if it's worth a hundred bucks to go up 6 volts. If anyone owns both versions please let me know which you prefer. The 18 volt is obviously more powerful but also much heavier. Thanks for your help.

Re: 18 volt vs 12 volt drill

I do have both and find that both have their benefits. You’re right the 18 is much heavier and bulkier but it has more torque and power. I have used it with a 1 1/4” paddle bit to hawg through backing and two top plates with no complaints or battery changes. It’s great when doing bench work as well. The 12 is a great drill motor to take on the fly to drill smaller holes and drive screws.

What is great about having two is that I do projects that will require a counter sunk pre-drill with a screw to follow. Not having to change bits is awesome.

IMO……….. You NEED both!:D.... $100.00 seems a steal………… Two batteries come with it?

Re: 18 volt vs 12 volt drill

12 volt is generally all you need for woodworking, but if your doing remodeling, or have occasion to drill metal or large holes the 18 volt is much better. I have both plus a 3/8" and 1/2" corded drill.

john f
Re: 18 volt vs 12 volt drill

Thanks for responding. I purchased the drill at a Home Depot. It included two batteries and a carrying case. It came with a 90 day return policy so I figured there was not much to lose.

I use cordless drills exclusively for woodworking - mostly drilling holes and driving screws. So far I've found that the 18 volt works especially well with the larger wood spades and hole saws where the extra torque comes in handy.

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