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157 year old plaster walls

Our house was built in 1851 and is covered floor to ceiling in wallpaper. Some of the rooms were re-rocked but most of them are still the old plaster. I had used fabric softner to remove alot of the rocked rooms with much success. Would this damage the old plaster?

Re: 157 year old plaster walls

I am not a plaster or drywall expert, but I would consider plaster more tolerant to any kind of stripper than drywall. If you had success using fabric softener on the drywall I would say go right ahead and use on the plater walls as well.

How exactly did you hear of using fabric softener to remove wallpaper? Any particular reason you avoided using the specific wallpaper removal chemicals? DIF comes to mind as one.

Re: 157 year old plaster walls

I saw it on a little bubble on some tlc show. I tried it out. I didn't want to use heavy chemicals since this house is huge with ALOT of wallpaper to remove. We have small children and alot of pets. I myself can't tolerate the chemicals. Plus, what I had tried, did not work as well.

Re: 157 year old plaster walls

I had muplitple layers of wallpaper to remove in a closet. I use white vinegar. I was told to cut the vinegar with water-half & half but, I used it straight and sprayed it onto the walls. I waited a few minutes to let it soak in and the wallpaper peeled off in big chunks with no problem. Of course I was hungry for pickles for a while, but no chemicals.


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