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14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

G'day folks!
Who can point me to the right toilet? Old House, tight dimensions for a main-floor cloakroom/powder room toilet. The budget is as limited as the dimensions are. I want a toilet that flushes properly so I might have to pay $$$ ****** ordering is AOKAY. I am located in Niagara Region in Canada so I can shop in the U.S. as well. Anyone with experience to advise me? Thank you Karen

Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

All toilets come with a flush rating now. To make it simple, it is in stars. Some of the cheap toilets only have a two star rating and these are to be avoided. There are many 5 star rated toilets out there and they come in various heights as well as round bowl and enlongated bowl. Most are 12" rough in so they will stand a little proud in a 14" rough in. There are 10" rough in models as well but they usually have to be ordered at the big box stores or bought from a plumbing supply house.

I have had good luck with the American Standard Champion 4 and I found that AS has outstanding customer service. The first toilet I bought was an early model and after a couple of years of periodic leaks in the flapper valve, I e-mailed them my problem. The sent me a conversion kit to the newer design, which the second toilet I bought had already, free of charge.

But there are other toilets that come just as highly recommended here, Kohler and Toto I believe are two of them.

Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

If your budget is tight, you are basically limiting yourself to toilets under $100.

You won't find any American Std toilets in this category, and a toilet that "periodically leaked after 2 years" is not exactly dependable IMHO.

There are toilets for $60 (bowl and tank) at HD - don't buy those. Then there is Mansfield, made in USA, for about $65-70 (round) and $80-85 (elongated) - good value. Another good choice in your price range: Eljer Patriot, also made in USA.

BTW, you would think that being so close to Niagra falls, one won't need help flushing...

Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

dj1, just to be clear, the first toilet I think was actually sold as a Champion 3, not be confused with the Cadet 3. It would leak around the flapper periodically from new, I don't know why I put up with it, but a short time later, I bought a Champion 4 and noticed the flapper was a more traditional design, but a lot bigger.

The first flapper valve looked like a baseball bat, business end down with a silicone rubber hula skirt around it about halfway up the business end. The hula skirt would get out of its groove from time to time. When I went to their web site, I noticed that there was not a replacement flapper or seal available, thats when I e-mailed them. They sent me a free upgrade to the Champion 4. I guess it was just a case of a design that worked good in the lab, but not the real world.

By leaking, I mean the toilet ran all the time, it did not leak onto the floor or anything like that. This happened three times over a two year period and the third time was when I decided to check into it.

I would get another Champion 4 for my upstairs bathroom but it only has a 10" rough in and unlike the down stairs bathrooms, I cannot change the rough in upstairs and last time I checked, the Champion 4 is only available in a 12" rough in.

Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

My opinion of American Standard is not very good. They have changed the design of the cadet and champion so often it has reached a point that you have no idea what your getting until you take it out of the box. Some day they may get it right but until that time were staying away from them.


Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

Thank you all....am def needing your advice. I have printed specs and have applied dimensions to a wide board, so I can see the specs in real space in this narrow powder-room by holding the board at toilet bowl height and trying to stand in front of it. Old houses are tricky. I will update this thread as I continue. I have added Porcher Lutezia MODEL # 90280 to the list even with 12" rough in, it is a workable fit.

Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

I dislike American Standard but that is me first it should of been tested enough to find that the valve had issues I have seen a ton of these have issues and the update is probably going to as well the only good thing about these toilets is most homeowners are to scared to touch them because its not a regular flapper thus creating more work for us plumber's and if that's what you like then its a great toilet it only periodically doesn't shut off and like the poor customer I had that was deaf and got the $1200+ water bill I say Booo to American Standard there is a cheap toilet that isn't terrible but isn't great but is way better than American Standard its a Western Pottery its a high performance flush make sure its the one with a 3" flapper they cost roughly around $80-130 depending on where you buy them, im sure you can find it ******.

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Re: 14" rough in, ADA height, toilet, round bowl, tight space

I have bought a used Toto Soiree Model toilet and ordered a new 14" unifit adapter from Toto. I will report back when the profect42day is completed. Thanks all

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