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100 year old house needs new ceiling

We have a 100 year old house that we are renovating. The first floor ceilings need repaired. They have lathe and plaster. The plaster is missing from spots and cracked in others. Our plan was to apply 1/2" drywall over the existing ceilings. The worker we hired said he is afraid to add more weight to the 16' long ceiling joists. He is also afraid that the final product would crack easily with the movement in the joists from children rough housing on second floor. Any advice?

Re: 100 year old house needs new ceiling

That's a pretty long span... 16 feet ... for joists . That might explain why the plaster is falling down ... too much bounce in the second floor.

Re: 100 year old house needs new ceiling

So is drywall not an option? Any suggestions for something other than suspended ceiling?

Re: 100 year old house needs new ceiling

thegangishere .... my apologies for not expanding on my post.

Here's my thinking without doing any reinforcing of the joists...

If the existing ceiling plaster is in poor condition with cracks and falling off then it's likely it will continue to break away under the drywall you are planning to put up.

You may remove just the plaster and leave the lath slats in place .... making sure they are all securely fastened. These lath slats will be useful for adding extra strength allowing more screws to be applied to the field of the drywall sheets and at the butt joints between drywall sheets ... making sure the ends of the drywall sheets end along a lath slat.

Make sure the joints of the drywall are taped and that a proper joint compound is used for the first couple of coats and not a finish compound. The proper joint compound is much harder and will help preventing cracks. The finish compound is just for that .... it doesn't set hard for ease of sanding for the final finish ... but.... will crack if used for the initial joint filling.

Removing the existing problematic plaster will reduce the weight on the bouncy joists ..... leaving the lath slats for securing the drywall to and using the proper joint compound .... will help with a minimal chance of cracks on the drywalled ceiling.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: 100 year old house needs new ceiling

Yes rip it downand reboard.Just make sure you butt joints end on a joist and not lathe.

Re: 100 year old house needs new ceiling

About 12 years ago we had a similar problem. When we did the remodel the contrator pretty much did what has been poted here. They removed the plaster and left the lath then put up drywall.

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