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Idea House Build: Prepping for a Warm Tile Floor | Cottage on the Cape (E5)

A heat system is installed in the bathroom floors for extra comfort, and Matt explains the plan to heat and cool the entire home with both efficiency and visual appeal in mind. Outside, the entryway to the ADU gets completed.

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The goal is for the Cottage on the Cape to be comfortable year-round, so a heated floor system is being installed in the master bathrooms for some added warmth during cold New England winters.

Cape Associates’ lead tile setter, Billy, gives a few tips for a proper install, from preparing the floor for the membrane to setting the heating cables into place. In the basement, Chris catches up with Matt to talk about how he has structured the forced hot air technology throughout the home to maximize efficiency without sacrificing aesthetic.

While things move along inside, there is still some work to be done on the exterior. Carpenters Mike and Bob get started on the deck at the entryway to the ADU, and then finish the entryway’s roof with decorative brackets.


Cape Associates


About the Idea House Build Series:

Join This Old House Pro2Pro Editor Chris Ermides as we chronicle the build of the 2020 Idea Houses in two new video series, Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape and Idea House Build: Farmhouse in Fairfield County. Follow along as we document everything from breaking ground to the home transformation journey, as well as inspire and educate about the latest products and trends in the industry.