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Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape (E1)

The 2020 Idea House Build series kicks off in Eastham, MA with episode 1 of the Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape. The architects talk about the decisions made while designing the house, and the builder explains his choices behind materials and techniques.

Next episode: Idea House Build: Let the Light In | Cottage on the Cape (E2)

About the Idea House Build series:

Join This Old House Pro2Pro Editor Chris Ermides as we chronicle the build of the 2020 Idea Houses in two new video series, Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape and Idea House Build: Farmhouse in Fairfield County. Follow along as we document everything from breaking ground to the home transformation journey, as well as inspire and educate about the latest products and trends in the industry.

In this episode:

Episode 1 of the 2020 Idea House series kicks off in Eastham, MA, a small town halfway out on the Cape Cod peninsula, where our Cottage on the Cape has begun.

Host Chris Ermides speaks with the architects, Don Powers and Christina Carlson, and builder, Matt Cole, to understand their decisions behind the design of the house.

Matt explains how the exterior walls are being installed, and gives Chris a tour of the house. As the last of the framing goes up, the subfloor gets completed. The walls were built off-site, so Chris takes a visit to Cape Cod Panel to see what that process entails.