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In this episode:

At the Single House, the columns on the first floor piazza may be as old as the house. They also need a lot of work. Kevin visits the millwork shop in North Charleston where the columns are restored.

The homeowners have settled on a design for the iron gate for their driveway.

Tommy meets with a student who designed the gate and watches the beginning of its construction. Students Joe Whisonant and Kaelyn Robinson are learning the old-world craft of blacksmithing at the American College of the Building Arts. Kevin sits down with both of them to learn why they chose to go into that trade.

It’s time to select some finishes for the Single House.

Kevin joins homeowner Kathleen and lighting designer Ali Sherrill as they discuss lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

Across town, much of the siding on the Elliotborough house has taken a beating and has to be removed and replaced with matching new siding that’s pressure-treated and primed. Tommy shows how to salvage the good original siding so it can later be weaved in with the new siding.

Original Air Date: May 10, 2018 Season 39; Ep.23 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Column restoration
Contractor: MW Millworks

Decorative iron gates
Side Trip: Sword Gate House

Forging iron gate
Manufacturer: American College of the Building Arts

General Contractor - Elliotborough House
Contractor: Flyway Construction

Lighting design
Supplier: Charleston Lighting and Interiors