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In this episode:

Kevin is at one of Charleston’s architectural gems, a house called Sword Gate. The wrought iron gates out front have swords welded into them.

Tommy picks him up and they head to one of the two Charleston projects, which is in rough shape.

They meet the builder, Lindsay Nevin, whose company is up for the challenge. Lindsay discusses some of the strict rules to follow when it comes to renovating old houses in historic Charleston. Heat, humidity and water are usually the major issues of these old wooden houses, and the only way to assess the damage is to start a careful demo.

At the Single House project, Kevin finds Tommy and general contractor Mark in the kitchen house. Mark explains his plan to dig out and pour a concrete slab, and they get to work pulling up floorboards.

When it comes to educating the next generation of tradespeople, Charleston has all other cities beat. It’s home to the American College of the Building Arts, the only school in the country with a four-year college program that focuses on the building trades. Kevin gets a tour of the school.

Meanwhile, demolition is in full swing and Judith’s backyard is filling up with debris.

Judith wants to improve the landscaping as well as the house, and she has some favorite shrubs and trees she’d like to use as green screening. Roger meets her to discuss planting options, and then he travels to a southern nursery to find out what plants will work in the sub-tropics. The nursery can ship out the plants as soon as the yard is ready.

Over at the Single House, it’s time to privy dive. Richard discusses the history of the outhouse in Charleston and what’s buried beneath the surface.

Original Air Date: April 5, 2018 Season 39; Ep.18 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

General Contractor – Charleston Single House
Contractor: Renew Urban

General Contractor – Elliotborough House
Contractor: Flyway Construction

Landscape design – Elliotborough House
Contractor: ADC Engineering

Local Trade School
Side Trip: American College of the Building Arts

nursery visit
Side Trip: Fast-Growing-Trees