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S41 E24: Don’t Rip It, Restore It

Richard learns about the invention of the Stillson wrench, and Mauro repairs old plaster. Norm then repairs broken balusters, and Heath installs a new panel. Venetian plaster goes on the dining room ceiling.

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In this episode:

About 30 miles from our project and 30 years before it was built, one of the most important tools in the plumbing trade was invented. Richard Trethewey meets Michael Fitzgerald, the enthusiast who uncovered this historical fact. The two meet at a museum that celebrates advances in plumbing, in where else? Watertown, Massachusetts.

Back at the house, 130-year-old plaster can show its age after a construction crew comes through a house. Our homeowners hope to keep the plaster in the entry foyer and wallpaper over it. Kevin O’Connor finds Mauro Henrique making repairs to cracks in the plaster that might be the result of demolition.

Our homeowners like the rail on the staircase but it needs a lot of love. Norm Abram and our finishing expert Wayne Towle come up with a plan to repair what’s broken.

Heath Eastman and his team of electricians have been wiring for weeks. Today it’s time to bring everything together. Kevin finds Heath in the basement installing a breaker panel with an innovative design.

Back upstairs, what was once an old porch gets transformed into a formal dining room. Kevin finds out that the ceiling also receives its own touch of elegance with a special Venetian plaster finish.

Original Air Date: May 17, 2020 Season 41; Ep.24 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Baluster Repair:
Wayne Towle Master Finishing and Restoration

Electrical Panel:
Schneider Electric

Venetian Plaster:

Side Trip:
Watertown Plumbing Museum