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S41 E22: Tiling is a Family Affair

In this episode, Tom repairs 130-year-old pocket doors, and a new type of solar goes in. Jenn works with landscaper Fred to build a boulder wall. Richard gives a lesson on a modern heating system, and father Mark and son Erik Ferrante showcase the art of mosaic tile installation.

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In this episode:

For over 100 years the doors leading to the living room in our Cape Ann Shingle Style have been hidden in pockets, sliding out only when needed. But somewhere along the line, one of them stopped sliding. Kevin O’Connor finds Tom Silva doing some detective work trying to restore the antique door.

Our homeowners like the idea of generating their own power for the house. Kevin finds solar expert Daniel McLaughlin installing a small panel on the roof.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Jenn Nawada and Landscaper Fred Pendleton are leveling the yard with the help of some very large boulders.

Boilers were originally designed to heat water at full blast or remain completely off. Richard Trethewey shows Kevin how the new boiler for our project is designed to heat water to just the right temperature.

Upstairs, Erik and Mark Ferrante are working with a unique pattern for tile in the guest bathroom. Erik shows Kevin how he cuts and lays out the tile on plywood to make sure the pattern is centered. He then installs it on the floor.

Original Air Date: May 3, 2020 Season 41; Ep.22 23:43

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