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S41 E21: Shingled Out

In this episode, Tom and Charlie Silva install rounded-top windows in the breakfast room, and an easy-install roof shingle goes down. Roger Cook and Kevin O’Connor go fishing while Tom adds a custom diamond detail with the siding. Radiant heat goes in somewhere unexpected: the ceiling.

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In this episode:

The custom windows ordered for the breakfast nook have a unique rounded design on top. Tom and Charlie Silva have the job of installing them, a job that takes special skills.

Roofing manufacturers are always looking for ways to make shingling a house better. Kevin O’Connor finds Charlie trying a shingle that makes installation a little easier.

Cape Ann was the birthplace of the fishing industry in America. The cod that was pulled in off these shores fed the entire world. While stocks of this famous fish are down, the fishing industry is still a big part of life in Gloucester. Roger Cook and Kevin have decided to hire a local guide to show them the ropes of cod fishing.

There is no surprise that there are large expanses of cedar shingles on our shingle style project. But the architect wants to break up the pattern. Tom shows Kevin how he does it with a diamond on the upper façade.

The mudroom has lots of windows and there is not enough floor space to allow the radiant panels to provide enough heat. Richard Trethewey finds Kevin Bilo installing radiant in the ceiling.

Original Air Date: April 26, 2020 Season 41; Ep.21 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Rain Screen:
Benjamin Obdyke

Asphalt Shingles:

Roofing Contractor:
Robert Green Roofing & Contracting

Side trip:
Amanda Marie Fishing Charters

SV Design