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S41 E20: Hard Work Ahead

In this episode, Mark McCullough finds granite on the property to match a new stone wall to the old. Heath Eastman buries the electrical underground. Kevin O’Connor, homeowner Molly and her kitchen designer Michele look for design inspiration. Then, Tom Silva creates a barrel ceiling.

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In this episode:

The garage and funky porch above it have been demoed. To support a new covered front porch, Mark McCullough and his crew poured new footings and laid block. To stay consistent with the existing foundation they will replicate the stone wall look with granite veneer.

The homeowners don’t want to see electric cables coming across their back yard. Kevin finds Heath laying cable in a trench out back.

Board and plaster is starting on the 2rd floor, so Richard Trethewey inspects the mechanicals that have been installed in the stud walls.

Kevin O’Connor meets homeowner Molly and her kitchen designer Michele at the Idea House in New Canaan, CT to get some kitchen design inspiration. Next up is a visit to a local appliance showroom to finalize decisions.

An existing staircase makes the plan for a barrel vault ceiling below a unique challenge. Tom Silva shows Kevin his solution.

Original Air Date: April 19, 2020 Season 41; Ep.20 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Kitchen Appliances:
Clarke – New England’s Official Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove Showroom

Filtered Water Dispenser:

Idea House Countertop:
Everest Marble

Integrated Cabinet Step Stool:
Hideaway Solutions

Integrated Lighting and Interior Accessories:

Idea House Cabinets:
New England Cabinetry

Cape Ann Kitchen Designer:
Venegas and Company