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S41 E17: Cape Ann Shingle Style

Homeowners John and Molly plan to put the history back into their 1890s shingle-style home. They’ll remove ‘70s carpet, repair cracking balusters and transform the front entry, restoring the home’s original beauty and updating it for modern living.

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In this episode:

Kevin O’Connor sets the scene in Cape Ann, full of fishing and granite and picturesque harbors. He, Richard Trethewey, Tom Silva, Norm Abram and Jenn Nawada head to the house—a rambling 1890s shingle style that’s in need of a major overhaul.

Homeowner Molly gives Kevin a tour of the first floor, where they’ll convert a three-season porch to all-season, expose hardwood floors under the tattered carpet, refinish some of the beautiful historic woodwork and move the kitchen to the center of the home.

Homeowner John leads Tom to the second floor, where they’ll create a larger closet and updated bathroom in the master bedroom. Two additional bedrooms will also get altered into full suites. The third floor will be gutted and transformed into one guest bedroom and a playroom.

Richard shows Kevin the “archaeological dig” in the basement, tracing the heating back to when the house was first built. Ductwork was added at one point but very large and not very effective in the winter. More recently, a boiler was added to heat water for kitchen and bathrooms. In an adjacent area under the porch, they’ll pour a slab and lay radiant to make an exercise room. And the area under the new kitchen will become conditioned to make the kitchen easier to heat and cool.

Architect Thaddeus Siemasko discusses the design elements of Shingle Style with Norm and Charlie Silva and presents his design plan for the house. They’ll build a new garage and mudroom off the side and add a porch onto the front that’s more in keeping with the original style. Inside, they’ll create a more open floor plan that will require some engineering.

Jenn and Kevin walk the property, which is embedded in a woodland area covered with granite ledge. The homeowners want to keep the lot natural but will have to work with the ledge to create space for the garage and mudroom. Around the back, Jenn hopes to get rid of old beds and weeds and lay some sod. A paper birch by the existing garage will be saved.

Original Air Date: March 29, 2020 Season 41; Ep.17 23:43

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