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The Easiest Way to Put on a Duvet Cover | Best of the Web

Some people call it "The Burrito Method" and some call it "The Sausage Method." Crane & Canopy calls this tip for installing a duvet cover "The California Roll Way." Hm, we're suddenly hungry

If you've ever wrestled with a duvet cover, check out "How to Put on a Duvet Cover: The California Roll Way" from Crane & Canopy. This method of rolling your comforter into a duvet cover makes easy work of this chore.

Step 1

Flip your duvet cover inside out.

Step 2

Lay it on your bed.

Step 3

Lay your comforter on top.

Step 4

Roll at the closed end.

Step 5

Flip the cover over the end (like one of those flip-top sandwich bags).

Step 6

Zip up the cover.

Step 7

Start to unroll.

For more how-to videos like this one, visit Crane & Canopy on YouTube.

Have you tried this method? Tell us how it went in comments below. Got a better way to do it? Share that in the comments below, too