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For Spotty Mirrors, Try Black Tea

Photo by Susan Trigg/Getty Images

Tannic acid in the tea helps remove water spots. Pour room-temperature tea into a spray bottle, and wipe with a lint-free cloth.

For Cloudy Shower Doors, Try Dryer Sheets

Photo by Birchtree/Alamy

The fabric-softening sheets contain ingredients that cut through soap scum. Just dampen with water before wiping down glass surfaces.

For Rust Rings, Try Lemon Juice

Photo by Davies and Starr/Getty Images

The fruit's acidity will help dissolve the stains left behind by shaving-cream cans and other metal containers. Bonus bathroom cleaning shortcut: To prevent future rust buildup, coat the bottom ring of cans with clear nail polish.

For Dull Faucets, Try Toothpaste

Photo by Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

The fine abrasives in non-gel toothpastes make them ideal for shining up chrome faucets and fixtures.

For Stains in the Tub, Try Salted Grapefruit

Photo by Bruno Crescia Photography/Getty Images

Citric acid cuts through soapy buildup, and salt provides extra scouring power. Just cut a grapefruit in half and load it up with table salt, then get scrubbing. (A lemon will work, too, but a grapefruit's larger size makes it easy to cover more surface area.)