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Expect the Unexpected

A septic tank turns up in a surprising spot, which may mean a bit more digging than we'd planned on.

Walls (and Roof) That Won't Come Tumbling Down

The new construction at Carlisle consists of foam-core panels that are strong enough to stay put for a century, and solid enough to keep the fuel bills low.

Structural Insulated Panels at Carlisle

These foam-core panels at Carlisle will stand for a century and keep heating costs down

Interior Design Plans at Carlisle

In Carlisle, we put our newest crew member to the test with a design assignment that was a bit unusual—even for us

Dim All the Lights Quietly

A dimmer switch can create a tranquil mood, but not if it makes an annoying buzz

The Bermuda House

Pink sand beaches, tourists on mopeds, and men in shorts — that's the background for the latest This Old House project, as we take on the unique construction and renovation techniques that come with life on a remote island.

6 Ideas for Elder-Friendly Design

Smart ways to update a home for aging in place