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Can Epsom Salt Help in the Garden?

Get to the root of this hotly contested compound to learn how it might yield more beautiful, bountiful plants.

6 Common Paint Problems & How to Fix Them

Learn what causes the peskiest paint problems—and how to fix and avoid them in the future.

12 Beautiful Walkway Ideas

Consider these impressive ways to create the prettiest path in the neighborhood, whether enhancing your curb appeal or boosting your backyard.

Simple Home Staging Tips for Any Homeowner

Prepare your place to attract the most prospective buyers—and land the best purchase price. Read our guide for professional tips on how to DIY your home’s staging.

15 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Designs

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Before and After Kitchen: A Smart and Stylish Kitchen Makeover

"Everything must go!" needn’t be the battle cry for a renovation. By streamlining storage, freeing up prep stations, and creating a cohesive aesthetic, favorite focal points get a chance to truly shine.

What is Trisodium Phosphate?

Is this powerful cleanser the right choice to tackle your next major mess or paint prep project? Learn the pros and cons of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)—and get how-to info—here.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Banish the worst greasy messes from the cupboards and drawers that hold everything in your cook space.

Historical Paint Colors Making a Comeback

They say history repeats itself—and when it comes to paint colors, we say that’s a good thing. Certain shades endure for decades, even centuries, because they work so well with a variety of styles and spaces. Rooted in tradition, historical colors still look fresh in a wide range of settings.

All About Milk Paint

You wouldn’t whip up a batch of pancakes without reaching for a container of milk, but you might not think to hit the fridge for that ingredient when it comes to your next paint project. Perhaps it’s time to think again, due to the rising popularity of milk paint. Read this guide to learn about milk paint and the types of projects it’s ideal for.