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Guide to Creating a Living Plant Wall

Learn the basics of this burgeoning botanical trend and install a vertical garden for décor and more, indoors or out.

Everything to Know About Bathroom Chandeliers

Are you considering adding a chandelier to your bathroom? Bring glamour to your most personal space with one of these fabulous fixtures.

Before & After: Multifunctional Kitchen Designs

With the kitchen devoted solely to cooking having gone the way of the butter churn, it’s no wonder that today’s kitchen remodels are multifunctional, too.

What to Know About Hiring a Professional Organizer

Is your home feeling cluttered, but you’re not sure where to start? Find out if one of these "too much stuff!" specialists can turn your clutter into clarity.

How to Paint Upholstery

Are you looking to paint fabric furniture? Transform a faded, stained, or simply outdated piece of padded furniture with the right products and the easy technique detailed here.

How to Declutter Your Entire Home

While many of us are still spending a lot of time at home, it’s essential to have a relaxing space that allows for productivity. Here’s how to reduce, contain, and organize your items to bring order to the whole house.

How to Clean a Washing Machine

Banish errant soils, product residue, odors, and bacteria from the washer to ensure that laundry comes out as fresh and clean as possible.

How to Organize a Pantry

Discover extra room for food supplies and enjoy easier access to them with this step-by-step pantry improvement plan.

Before & After Kitchen: Making Every Inch Count

A design pro upgrades her family’s cook space, improving its function, flow, and finishes while making the most of its existing footprint.

Kitchen Cabinets That Won’t Go Out of Style

Consider these classic cupboards that will suit your cook space today and for years to come.