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Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sinks: 5 Tips to Consider

On the market for a stainless-steel sink? Refer to our checklist, which includes ensuring the right gauge to drain placement.

Restoring a 19th Century Cape Cod

An antiques lover restores authenticity to her 1820s Cape with vintage furniture, salvaged flooring, period-style trim, and paint colors that bring back its time-honored patina.

A 19th Century House with Multiple Additions Gets a Unifying Remodel

The house had a pre–Civil War core, a Depression-era add-on, a 1940s porch, and a three-story addition from the 1970s. It took a growing family—and its visionary matriarch—to turn it into a cohesive whole

40 Years of Kitchen and Bath Remodel Trends

Forty years feels like half a lifetime ago—and it is. A look back at some of the kitchens and baths TOH has built confirms how times (and tastes) have changed...or have they?

Tracking 40 Years of History in the This Old House Timeline

From that initial renovation of a derelict house in a struggling urban area, This Old House has stood apart as the original home-improvement TV show—and continues to be the genre’s most groundbreaking

Before and After: 1920 Bungalow Remodel with Beautiful Built-ins

A home gains needed space with an expanded second story that preserves the house’s footprint and its neighborly facade

Top 20 Best New Home Products | Bath

We continue our best new home products with finds for baths and laundry rooms, whether they’re in need of a major reno or just a quick refresh.

Reinventing the Toilet Brush

It’s a dirty job, but some gizmo’s gotta do it

1940s Cottage Remodel Fit for a Growing Family

With a little help from relatives—and a lot of late hours—a young couple preserve and expand a tiny cottage to create a cozy home for their brood

A 1920s Bungalow Remodel: Room to Grow

A tucked-back addition preserves a 1920s bungalow’s historical facade, while providing plenty of gathering space for a young family