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What to Know About Cutting Stair Stringers

Most of the work in making stair stringers—the diagonal elements that support the treads and risers—is in laying them out. Read on to learn more about the steps to take when cutting stair stringers.

How to Fix and Measure Pull Down Attic Stairs

Follow these guidelines when inspecting, measuring, and repairing an existing folding attic stair unit.

Home Heating Guide For Beginners

Heating is the most basic requirement of a house. Learn about the various types of home heating systems and how to maintain them.

How to Install a French Drain

French drains serve to collect and remove groundwater that would otherwise cause a problem. They’re often used along driveways, in damp areas of a lawn, and around house foundations to help keep the basement or crawlspace dry. Read this guide to learn more about how to install a french drain in your yard.

Pony Walls: What Are They and How to Build Them

A pony wall is nothing more than a short wall, and the term is often used interchangeably with "knee wall" or "cripple wall." Read this guide to learn what pony walls are and how to build one yourself.

Septic System Guide: How It Works and How to Maintain It

A well-maintained septic system is trouble-free and something a homeowner doesn’t have to think about much. Here’s how to keep it that way.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

Installing a dimmer switch is one of the easiest DIY electrical projects you can do. Read these steps on how to install one in your home.

How to Build a Wood Beam Ceiling

Use these directions to add character to your home by installing wood beams to your ceiling.

How to Use a Band Saw

Learn the basics of how to properly use a band saw.

How to Build a Murphy Bed

Here is what you need to know when building (or buying) a Murphy bed.