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Adding the finishing touch on a window

Ask This Old House Crew
Photo by Matt Kalinowski

How do I install wood trim around windows?
— Craig, Camden, NJ


Tom Silva replies: Start with the window stool. Scribe the stool to the wall, leaving it about 1 1/2 inches longer than the outside of the trim being
used. Measure the height from the stool to the top of the window, adding
3/16 inch, then cut the trim on a 45-degree angle. Measure across
the top of the window, adding 3/8 inch, and cut a 45-degree angle
on each end of the trim. Nail one side into the window using a 4-penny
nail and a 6- or 8-penny nail into the wall. Install glue on the miter
cut and the header trim. Nail one end. Install the other side nailing
the same way. Install glue in the miter cut, hold the top trim in place,
and nail. For the apron trim, cut a piece of trim the same length as the
header trim. You can cope each end to match the profile of trim or cut
each end on a 5-degree angle.


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