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Trimming Arched Doorways

How to get wood moulding around an arch

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I have arched doorways in my home and would like to put wood moulding
trim around them. How do I get the wood to bend around the arch?

— Kelly, New Bedford, Massachusetts


Steve says: There are two different methods to get wood to bend around an arch. One is to laminate it, using thin strips of relatively bendable wood back-cut with a series of curve cuts that allow them to bend and
describe the arch. It's a fairly complex maneuver, requiring a number of
tools and not inconsiderable skill. I think I would hand that one right
off to a professional. You can also look at the new generation of
bendable plastic moulding, such as we've used in the Milton, Key West and Charlestown houses. For someone who doesn't have a full shop and the knowledge to use it, that would be the way to go.


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