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Sliding Glass Door Doesn't Slide

Q: "What can I do about a sliding glass door that won't slide?"


What can I do about a sliding glass door that won't slide?

— Rick, Kansas City, Kansas


Tom says: Well, bear in mind that with this problem, many will feel the
best option is to get a new door. Sometimes the wheels may be out of
alignment and need adjustment, but often the wheels are just shot. If
they need adjusting, here's what you do: Have a close look at your door.
Some sliding doors adjust from the edges of the door, while others
adjust on the face of the doors. If you see two little screw holes or
plugs on the side, on the face or on the inside face, pop the plugs off
and there should be a touch screwdriver in there. Turn it a couple of clicks and the door will lift. Alternatively, there may be a couple of screws on the end of the door, or a screw on each side. Take a long
screwdriver, push in there and turn the screw, and you should be able to
lift the door and look underneath. But as I said, there's a good possibility that your wheels are simply worn out. If that's the case, and you want to salvage the door, you need to find out the manufacturer and order new wheels. You'll then have to take the door completely off, which will let you see how the wheels come off, remove them and put on the new ones. Of course the big question is: Is all this worth the trouble, as opposed to buying a new door? In my opinion, if the glass is good, and the door is still weather-tight, then fixing it will probably be worth your effort.


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