Removing a Fence

Best way to get rid of an old chain-link fence and its metal posts


What is the best way to get rid of an old chain-link fence and its metal posts ?
—Jim Gardner, Hamilton, N.J.


Tom Silva replies: Removing the fencing itself is easy. Just take off the metal fittings and wire ties that hold it to the posts and peel it off. Removing the posts is another story, because each one is embedded in a posthole filled with concrete. Terminal posts, the ones located at the corners and ends of a fence and on either side of a gate, are the hardest to take out because they have more concrete around them. Line posts are easier to take out because they're in shallower holes.

Start by trying to loosen each line post by rocking it back and forth. If the post doesn't budge, dig around the concrete until it does. You should be able to drag it out of the hole with its concrete boot intact. Terminal posts probably won't pull out so easily, unless you're using a piece of equipment such as a Bobcat or Dingo, those miniature tractors that landscapers use. If I had to remove more than a dozen line and terminal posts, I'd rent one anyway.

If you don't mind leaving the concrete in place, just cut the posts off. You'll need a reciprocating saw and a bunch of metal-cutting blades if you choose this option.


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