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Re-Grouting Old Tile

How to give new life to an old floor


How do I re-grout my old tile floor without removing the tiles?
— Amy, Snyder, New York


Tom Silva replies: When you re-grout, you shouldn't remove the tile anyway. First, clean the space really well, making sure to remove any old grout that's come loose. Mix up your grout as the manufacturer recommends, apply it into the floor with a grout trowel using circular motions, holding the trowel at about a 45-degree angle, using pressure to remove the excess grout while applying it. Then, using a very small amount of water and a sponge, keep cleaning off the surface of the tiles you've regrouted. Repeat this cleaning process carefully two or three times. You should end up with a really fine film, which you just mop away, and then dry the area.


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