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Placement of Heat Registers

Should heating registers be located directly beneath the windows or next to an inside wall?

Richard Trehewey holds a toilet

In our house, the heating registers are located directly beneath the windows. I say they should
be next to an inside wall, in order to retain the heat. My husband says they are where they should be.
Which of us is right?

—Thelma Lemons, Meridian, Tex.


Richard Trethewey replies: I hate to take sides in marital disputes, but in this case your husband is right. Here's why. Window glass is the coldest part of a wall. When warm room air hits it, the air cools, and cool air sinks. The movement of cool air creates floor drafts that most people find uncomfortable. The placement of forced-air heat registers or baseboard heating units under the windows counteracts this process by sending up warm air to mix with the cool. The end result is that the room feels more comfortable.


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