Patterns for Curved Brick Walks

What to do when your brick walkway installation leaves uneven joints

patterns for brick

We had a semicircular brick walk installed in a basket-weave pattern, but the joints are tighter in some places than in others, and the walk's surface is uneven. Should we be upset?
—The Agvents, Hartwell, Ga.


Roger Cook replies: A good brick walkway should have uniform joints, but wherever it curves, those joints will open up somewhat. Basket-weave and herringbone patterns make this problem worse. The best pattern for curved brick paths is the running bond, which tends to disguise joint irregularities. Plus, you can cut the ends of some of the bricks at a slight angle to keep the joints more uniform.
As to the smoothness of your walk, part of the charm of brick is that it's not perfectly smooth. I'd say it's probably not worth getting upset about if you aren't tripping on it. But if you are, call the contractor back.


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