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Miter Angle Tables

Help for cutting those pesky corners on crown molding


My wife decided that it's time for me to install the crown molding I bought two years ago but have thus far managed to avoid putting up. (After all, these things take time.) Is there any literature that specifies the angles used to set up a compound miter saw to cut crown molding corners?
— Bob, Chatham, MA


Norm Abram replies: I guess that excuse you gave her about the wood having to be thoroughly seasoned started to wear thin. Bob, it's ready now.
If I'm not mistaken, the literature you're looking for contains angle tables that will allow you to cut the crown while the piece is lying flat on the saw's table rather than leaning against the saw's fence. First, check your owner's manual for a chart that includes the bevel and miter angle settings to use for standard corner angles: 90 degrees, 270 degrees, and the like. But if you don't have a manual, you'll find equivalent resources online, including books and even a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. Just type "compound miter angle" into the search field of your browser. For the tightest joints, use the tables that show the settings for every one-degree change in the corner angle.


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