Lowering the Humidity

Can it be done without changing the temperature?

Richard Trehewey holds a toilet

I recently bought a house on the water. The location, combined with a rainy late summer, has produced a high indoor humidity level that caused my tools to mold and rust, throughout the house but especially in the basement. The problem is most prevalent at this time of year, when neither the heat nor air conditioning is running and lowering the humidity. Is there a whole-house dehumidifier that I can add to my forced air system to lower humidity without raising or lowering the temperature?

— Chuck, Annapolis, MD


Richard Trethewey replies: There are stand-alone dehumidifiers that pull moisture and send it to a drain or fill a built-in canister. Look at appliance stores and/or call an HVAC contractor. When you dehumidify, you do extract moisture so you may FEEL cooler.
Get a unit that drains to a sink or a floor drain. You don't want to have to empty a bucket or canister all the time. Most have a built-in control that senses how moist the air is, so they turn on and off automatically.


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