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Hanging a Television

Toggle bolts offer support

Save the Bay Tom Silva

I have a condo and want to hang my TV on a wall to free up some floor space. Problem is, the walls are framed with metal studs. How can I support heavy objects on these walls?
— Paul, Myrtle Beach, SC


Tom Silva replies: There is quite a difference in the weights of TVs these days, so first make sure you have a wall mount that can support the weight of yours. Don't rely on a manufacturer's assertion that the mount will suit any model up to 27 inches.
Now for steel-stud framing, toggle bolts are the way to go. Use the largest-diameter bolts that will just fit though the mount's holes. Following the mount's template, drill holes for the toggle through the drywall and the studs' flanges. A standard twist bit will bore through steel just fine. Insert each toggle bolt, rotate it so both "wings" open vertically behind the flange, then tighten the bolt so the toggle pulls tight against the stud and drywall.
Go ahead and put a toggle and bolt through every support hole the mount has, even if there's no stud behind it. Toggle bolts do provide some support in drywall, but the more toggles you can anchor into studs, the better.


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