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Dented Hardwood Flooring

A piano can make a not-so-great impression in a home


Our piano made an indentation in our solid, three-quarter-inch hardwood flooring. Is there a way to fix the indentation without sanding or cutting out the boards and replacing them? I saw in another show that steam from an iron was used to make the grain stand back up.

– Jeffrey, Gilbert, South Carolina


Tom Silva replies: Since your indentations were caused by a piano, my sense is that they're probably too deep for the steam iron technique to work. You're right, steam will swell the wood, but it's usually used on an unfinished piece of wood with a dent. If you put too much steam on a
finished floor it will destroy the finish. Obviously I haven't seen your floor myself, but my guess is that you're going to have to either patch that part of the floor, or simply hide the damage with a rug.
Of course, you could also just leave the piano there.


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