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Cut Down a Glass Towel Bar

Q. How do I cut down a glass towel bar that's too long?

jig saw scoring a glass bar for cutting
Illustration by Harry Bates

I need to cut down a glass towel bar that's too long.
What's the best way to do that?
Clare Galvin, New Lenox, Ill.


Norm Abram replies: I had this same problem at my house recently. So I got out my jigsaw, fitted it with an abrasive carbide-grit blade, and did the following steps:

1. I wrapped masking tape around the area I planned to cut to protect the glass from scratches. I also turned off the saw's orbital-action feature.

2. I marked my cutline on the tape and positioned the rod over a trash barrel to catch any glass debris. Then I set the saw on the rod and the blade on the cutline, and rotated the rod against the blade while running the saw at medium speed.

3. Once the glass was scored about 1/8 inch deep all the way around, I tapped the end and the excess just snapped off.

4. I beveled the rod's sharp edge using a medium-grit wheel on a grinder. A belt sander with an 80-grit belt will also work.


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