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July 2015

7 Sneaky Storage Hacks

If you slacked off on your spring-cleaning chores, these hidden storage tricks will be your...

Around the Web

All about hempcrete; artists explore the meaning of home; how LED bulbs really measure up; and more

Around the Web

Home-maintenance calendars, the perfect excuse for project delays, and a skyscraper inspired by...

Cold Brew Five Ways

In celebration of National Coffee Day, here's how to save money on this favorite drink

Finish for Tabletops

Q: What's the best finish to use to refinish a dining room table? I want something durable and...

How to Save Seeds

You can't return "borrowed" seeds without harvesting and drying them first. All it takes is a few...

Moving In After Mold

This summer's flooding has destroyed thousands of houses, from Indiana to Texas. The rebuilding...

Out of the Attic

The clunk of milk bottles delivered to the door...the crackle of a transistor radio...bumping...

Storied Heirlooms

Old-fashioned varieties can have quirky looks—and histories to match