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July 2009

All About Concrete Pavers

When it's time for a new driveway or poolside patio, this easy-to-install option is tough, cost...

All About Lawns

We lined up the experts to help you choose the right turf and the best way get the greenest lawn...

Concrete Paver Materials

With varying colors, textures, and shapes, there's a paver for every landscape. Here are a few of...

Concrete Paver Styles

Pavers come in many shapes, detailed to suit almost any architecture, and can transform a ho-hum...

How Long Do Things Last?

This Old House's Two-Minute Expert gives you the low-down on the expected life of the various...

How to Install Pavers

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone for the job, here's what has to happen

How to Place Pots

A landscape designer's top 7 tips for incorporating containers into your yard

Lawn-Care Timeline

When to fertilize, water, mow, and deal with weeds and pests depends on where you live

Rusty Hand Fork

Q: "The paint has worn off my hand fork. What's the best way to stop rust?"