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March 2009

Blocked Air Return

Q: The main return air vent for our forced-air heating system is in a coat closet. What would you...

Cottage Remodel

A finished attic added space and light, inspiring other tweaks that make this small house smarter

Flammable Fuzz

Q: We're installing a dryer proper vent. Is there anything we should be on the lookout for?

How to Refinish Woodwork

Whether it's a quick cleaning or a complete strip-down, you can always remedy a tired, old wood...

Leveling a Floor

Q: I'd like to install flooring over the concrete slab in our basement. Is there any way to level...

Old-Fashioned Pathways

Q: I'd like to create walkways and a driveway for my 18th-century house using something called...

Shelf Repair

Q: Can I reattach the shelf that has pulled out of drywall?