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October 2008

Butcher-Block Revival

Q: The butcher-block countertops in my kitchen are getting grimy and dull. Is there any way to...

Can I Recycle Wood?

Q: "We own a barn that is in good shape. If we tear it down, can we reuse the beams?"

Color Wash Design Guide

Here's a primer on how the various combinations of hues and brush marks can create different...

Cool Tool Gifts

11 absolutely unnecessary tools that are so cool you'll want to have them—or give them—anyway

Debris Disposal 101

How to get cash for your trash—and other money-saving ways to reduce renovation waste


Before you turn on that power saw, consider the virtues of sawing by hand

Haunted Historic Houses

Test your courage this Halloween season by visiting one of these dozen historic homes where the...

How Do I Finish a Fence?

Q: "We recently installed a red cedar fence around our yard. Is there a clear finish we can spray...

How to Speak CFL

Translate the tech talk so that you can shop smart and get the right bulb for every light in your...

LED Flashlights

Long-lasting LEDs are the smart choice for your new flashlight

Old House, Smart House

Before getting comfy meant adjusting the thermostat, homes were designed to catch a breeze or, in...

One-Room Redos

Six smart makeovers reveal the pains and payoffs of renovating a single space

Small Fixes, Big Payoff

Some key changes made a vintage cottage ultra-livable without sacrificing an ounce of its charm

The Sustainable Garden

A homeowner turns her humble backyard into a sustainable garden filled with food, flowers, and a...

Warped Door

Q: The bottom corner of the 1 3/8-inch-thick, 6-panel pine door leading to our garage has warped...