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May 2008

Deck Check

Our six-point inspection plan will help you spot signs of trouble

Depression Modern

Inspired by Detroit, available to all, the style gave America its first brush with the future

Easy Care Roses

Far from finicky, many shrub-type roses bloom all summer long with very little fuss. Here are...

Patio Dining Sets

Time to get rid of that tired old plastic lawn furniture and pick up a dining set that will do...

Recycle Your Fridge

Find out how to recycle your old fridge after buying a new Energy Star model

Rooms With a View

Extend indoor comforts outside to increase your home's living and entertaining space. Here's how

Shrub-Type Roses

These long-lasting blooms will take you into the fall with little to no fuss

Vinyl Tiles

Modern-day vinyl tiles are a cinch to clean and a breeze to install