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October 2007

13 American Murder Houses

Lore has it the spirits of violent crime victims remain after their corporeal existence has ended...

25 Healthy Home Products

High-performance, earth-friendly, and natural products let you enjoy your creature comforts with...

Art Tile

One-of-a-kind craftsmanship that brings a dash of style to any house

Built-in Storage Ideas

Store more, get organized, and add style to your interiors with these space-saving ideas

Chandelier Buying Guide

If you think that chandeliers are best left to grand ballrooms and billionaires' mansions, let us...

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Shopping for a dishwasher can be overwhelming. The Energy Guide sticker measures electrical...

Mind Over Remodel

A renovation psychologist matches behavioral traits to the right home improvements

Nail Terminology

Q: What's the difference between common nails and box nails? Are there different uses for each type?

New Orleans Rebuilds

Post-Katrina, This Old House follows stories of rebuilding and recovery in New Orleans, while...

November 2007

12 space-saving layouts, 47 smart design tips, 1 great DIY project

Peeling Door Veneer

Q: Our front doors take a beating, and now the veneer is lifting or rippled. Is there any way to...

Salvaging the Good Stuff

When an old house faces demolition, a deconstruction crew offers an alternative to the landfill:...

Spooky Ruins

This Halloween, the best buildings on view are the ones that haven't been renovated or maintained...

Stylish and Sustainable

A Florida couple builds an energy-efficient, eco-minded house that's long on creative comforts

Wallpaper Buying Guide

Wallcoverings come in many materials, from fabric to vinyl to grasscloth. Here's a look at some...