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April 2007

A Place to Call Home

With work finished on the Concord Cottage, there was only one thing left to complete the job:...

A Youthful Passion

This Old House steps into the role of homeowner this year, with the goal of passing down our...

Almost Famous

Twice a year, TOH makes sudden TV stars out of the owners of its project houses. This fall, a...

Back to Nature

The greenest approach to landscaping returns a yard to its roots


Tom Silva's team gives a whole new meaning to the expression "raising a barn."

Birth of a Notion

From concept to delivery, this renovation project followed a strangely familiar course

Can You See Me Now?

We asked for a lesson in how to light a home for aging parents — and we got a wakeup call...

Coming Out of Storage

Reconverting an oversized storage closet back to being a home is like working from a blank slate....

Expect the Unexpected

A septic tank turns up in a surprising spot, which may mean a bit more digging than we'd planned on.

Foundation on a Flatbed

The new foundation at the Carlisle Project won't be arriving in a cement mixer. It will show up...

Hand Pruners

Tools to keep your plants strong and handsome

Hand Pruners

Norm gets help from TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook on pruning techniques

Kids' Garden Gear

Nothing makes little kids feel more like big kids than their own pint-size gear. Here are some...

Little Green Thumbs

When it comes to gardening, kids can't wait to dig in. Here are some ideas to help them get...

May 2007

With an outdoor space tailored for cooking, dining and leisure, you'll never want to go back inside

New Turns for Old Newels

How to use the vintage wooden posts to support a new staircase, prop up a counter, or dress up an...

Pathway Lighting

Creative pathway lighting boosts your home's security and its curb appeal

Putting in a Pond

Water features don't have to be big to make a splash in your landscape.

Saving Grapes

What do you do when a 100-year-old grapevine is in the way of your planned parking court? Leave...

Share the Pain

Give and get advice on getting through a remodel with your relationships in tact

Surf's Up!

Seeking a safe haven after a stretch of turmoil, our Bermuda homeowners have one fast wave to...

The Austin Project: After

A Texas bungalow gets an environmentally friendly renovation and earns a 5-star rating from the...

The Big Damp

Keeping a house dry on a humid island is no small task. On our Bermuda project, everyone working...

Trees for Small Yards

Looking for the perfect specimen for your suburban lot? Consider one of the many beautiful...

Uncool Cats

Stop cats from using your flower beds as a litter box

Wood Countertop Care

Take these steps to keep your butcher-block or hardwood counters looking fresh

Working It Out

And so began the work on another This Old House television project. After give-and-take between...