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March 2007

April 2007

Boost your home's value by making it a little easier on the eyes

Cabling a Tree

How to prevent ice and storms from breaking one trunk off a double-trunk tree

Cottage Gardens

An idyllic tradition packs big personality into small spaces

Green Roofs

Who says your garden has to be on the ground? An environmentally friendly trend grows—on...

Kitchen Cabinets

Today's options span the gamut, ranging from traditional and ornamental to modern and minimalist

More Cottage Gardens

Don't let a lack of acreage stand between you and a bountiful flower bed: The philosophy behind...

Play Structures

Today's play structures allow kids to live out their playtime fantasies right in their own backyard


Clever new tools take on a familiar task: the turn of the screw

Small Wonder

They had big plans for the little space, determined to enhance its antique charm. Here's how they...

The Beauty of Tools

Tools can be just as gorgeous as the home you make and maintain with them